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Archive Collection of the Tioga Point Museum


Archives, letters, ledgers, maps, deeds and other paper documents in the collection of the Tioga Point Museum


December 30, 2017


Todd M. Babcock, Linda Doane and Madeline Opalenik



Collection Items

Two letters on one sheet Dated Dec. 27/62 To: Parents From: Your Son William and James Written from Camp Near Fredricksburg Va.

Dated Jan 10_ 1863 To: Parents From: William_ Sam_ and James Weaver Written from Camp Near Fredricksburg

February 27th 1863 to parents from J. Weaver. Camp near Fredicksburg. Folded note inside letter.

Mar 23rd (1863?) to parents from William_ Sam and James Weaver. Camp near (Falmouth_ VA?).

April 8th 1863 to parents from Jim. Camp near Fredicksburg_ Virginia. Note in letter.

April 1863 to parents from William H. Weaver. Camp near Falmouth Va.

April 25 1863 to parents from James Weaver. Annoplas (sp.) M.D.

April 26/63 to parents from William and Sam Weaver. Camp near Falmouth Va.

May 14_ 1863 Easter. To sons from father.

August 12 (1863?) to parents from James Weaver. Camp Simmons.

Oct 19 (1863?) to parents from J.N. Weaver. Camp Tower Maryland.

Oct. 30 1862 to parents from J. Weaver and Bill. Camp Tower.

Oct. 9 1863 to father from James Weaver. Camp Tower.

Jan 2 1863. Happy New Year letter (parents?) from James Weaver. Camp near Fredicksburg Virginia.

Sept 11th (1862?) to parents from James Weaver. Camp Whiple near Washington.

Sept 27/62 to parents from J.N. Weaver. Camp on the Battle Field near Sharpsburg Maryland.

Oct 9th (1862?) to father from William_ Sam & James Weaver. Camp Tower Maryland.

5 envelopes and 1 back addressed to Mr. Henry Weaver_ Easton Pa.

Abner Murrary receipt "in conformity to an promote the progress of useful arts"_ 1829. Millard Fillmore letter_ 07/09/1851_ to Francis W. Murray. Letter fragment to "My dear Daughter" on Pennsylvania & New York Canal & Rail Road Co.…

book inscribed "Charles Homet; At the death of Charles' son_ Francis Xavier Homet_ this book came to my father_ Milton Homet_ and I am happy to pass it on the (sic) the Museum. Therese Homet Patterson"

various inventories & bibliographies of French Azilum material

2 bills of French currency

drawings by Louise Murray from Elizabeth LaPorte's recollections_ Julius Brown_ & John A. Biles

photographs_ postcards & published views of French Azilum grounds_ marker & LaPorte house

survey plans & maps of French Azilum & Athens Township

News articles about French Azilum_ book reviews_ Louise Welles Murray_ Gilbert Gabriel_ "I Thee Wed_ " Lafayette_ & Chateau Boumois

interior & exterior views

photographic prints of William Bingham_ Ms. William Bingham with Maria Matilda Bingham_ Germain De Stael_ Rochefoucauld de Liancourt_ Gouverneur Morris_ Jacques Necker_ Louis Phillipe de Bourbon_ W. C. Mason_ & Talleyrand

photographic prints of Marie Jeane d'Ohet d'Autremont_ Louis Paul d'Autremont_ Alexander Hubert d'Autremont_ Augustin Francois Cecile d'Autremont & Charles d'Autremont

photographic prints of Aristide Du Petit-Thouars_ Felicite Du Petit-Thouars_ Charle Homet_ Jr._ Therese Homet Patterson & John La Porte

excerpt from "Travels through North America..."_ program of Asylum monument dedication (1916)_ "Historical Sketches Pertaining to or Linked with Asylum from Notes Compiled by John A. Biles" arranged by Sarah E. Biles & Eliza Arnout_ DuPont Company…

book reviews & articles published in "The Spirit of '76_'" "Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine_" "The Lackawanna Tourist" (4 numbers)_ "The Historical Society of Northwestern Ohio Quarterly_" "American Motorist_" "Woman's Day_" "William &…

records of the Asylum Company: minutes 1794_ articles of agreement 1795-1801_ letter from Robert Morris to John Nicholson 04/23/1795_ shares certificates 1802_ transcript of deed 1808_ John Keating's claim 1816_ Contingent Fund 1823

receipts & correspondence between Becdelievre & Heller_ Rose_ Keating_ & LaRoue

17 letters from Biles (Byles) Family Historian_ Homet's Ferry_ between 03/24/1902 & 08/26/1907 to Reverand David Craft_ Angelica_ New York regarding French Azilum

letter to David Craft from Robert C. Simpson_ agent for the land office of the Bingham Estate_ regarding estate history & Bingham biography. Also a 20th century biographical sketch of Bingham.

receipt in account with Jonas Hallstead/Matthias Hollenbach 1793-1794; agreement between John Spalding & Boulogne 1794; receipt & inventory of effects of deceased Boulogne 1796.

Asylum Company bonds to Adam Hoops 09/ & 10/1794 & to Alpheus Dodge 01/28/1800; letter to George Welles 05/06/1801; citizenship certificate 10/06/1815

Bond of Zephania Rodgers to McCall_ Ashley & Astley for $90.00 06/29/1814[FRAGILE]; Indenture for 437 acres in Asylum township to county commissioners 12/26/1822 [FRAGILE] with sale to Warren Brower on reverse 06/09/1828; alphabetical List of taxable…

"French Choppings" & "Personal Sketches of the French at Asylum from Mrs. Provost (sic) & Mrs. Huff-daughters of Anthony LeFevre" 1874; Joseph Mickley letter to Craft with coin rubbings 01/07/1874; Historical Society of Pennsylvania receipt 1876;…

pleading letter to Charles Bue Boulogne regarding life at Asylum 07/20/1795

parts of 2 letters written on his letterhead with printed date 189__ 1 to "Mrs. M. P. M."_ both are family histories; his obituary 07/26/1919

letters from Richard to the family d'Autremont & Tioga Point Museum including address lists of descendants_ 2 3.5" MS DOS 5.0 floppy disks of family history notes_ copies of drawings_ photographs_ maps_ an annotated d'Autremont bibliograhy & family…

letter to John Nicholson 02/14/1795 regarding sale of her farm at Pottsgrove

receipts for work performed in 1794 by Wallois_ Blanchard_ Curtis_ Crooks_ DeWitt_ Arthur & Dobbins written in July & August

judgement against Robert McAlhoes (McAlhose) 04/10/1790; bonds to Robert Alexander 1794 & 1799_ to Townly 1795; Asylum Company account 1794; receipt from Ross 1795; letters & supporting documents to Joseph Thomas_ Peter Galludet & McCall regarding…

orders to Beaulieu & Francois for corn_ whiskey_ meat & bread; orders to pay Montelle & Beaulieu; receipt from Beaulieu

indexed copybook of correspondence between Keating business associates; also contains a 20th century list of his correspondents

bond to Hedricoorte 10/7/1794; photocopy of John Keating's translation to Gibson of Lefevre's 07/12/1799 letter to Keating regarding Lefevre's loss at Loyal-Soc_ accompanying typescript with provenance information; transcript of last will & testament…

photocopy of inventory of Bartholomew Laporte's goods_ chattles & credits at the time of his death_ taken 09/01/1836; letter from James Buchanan to John Laporte_ Esq. regarding the appointment of Colonel Piollet as paymaster 03/23/1847
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