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author-Marz and Nono MInor CR-1972

author- Robert Hofsinde (Gray-Wolf) CR-1956

author-W.P. Clark CR-1885

author-Allan A. MacFarlan CR-1958

author-Oscar E. Norbeck CR-1958

author William L. Stone CR-1838

author-William L. Stone CR-1838

author-Reverend Jonathan Edwards CR-1822

author-Josiah Priest CR-1833

writ by Anas Todkill with notes by John Esten Cooke CR-1885

author James E. Seaver CR-1842

author-James E. Seaver CR-1961

by Barry C. Kent CR-1984

printed by order of the Assembly of the state of NY CR-1850

illustrated by E.G. Squier, M. A. CR-1851

author W.K. Moorehead CR-1938

author-Donald Cadzow CR-1936

author-Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey CR-1969

author-Barry C. Kent CR-1980

author Willard E. Yager, CR-1953

The Wyoming Historical Society CR-1883

Vol. IX CR-1905

author-Christopher Wren CR-1914

author Charles David CR-1837

author-Rev. Jonathan Edwards, A.M. CR-?

author-Dr. George P. Donehoo CR-1995

author-Elsie Murray CR-1939

edited by Frederick Webb Hodge CR-1910

edited by Frederick Webb Hodge CR-1910

author Charles DeWolf Brownell CR-1856 one of two like copies

author Charles DeWolf Brownell CR-1957 one of two like copies

Several Pennsylvania Archaeologist volumes, pamphlets, booklets and loose papers

author-Charles Miles CR-1963

no title Side of Cliff with people walking


Tea Party

Pan American At Night

The Mall Central Park slide cracked

Home on the Hillside

no title on slide....Little Girl with Doll

The Creek in Winter

The Brook

Presbyterian Church During Snow Storm

Farmer Northup

By the Ponds Edge colored slide

Days Farewell Beams

Milking Time

The Road To Town

Buds and Blossoms

Picking Violets
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