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A Modern Diana

Near Washington's Tomb Mount Vernon

A Niagara Wave colored slide

Three Kids on a Log (to say Nothing of the Dog) slide colored

Almost Home

Tell Me A Story Grampa

A Happy Family (kittens)

At Asbury Park slide cracked 2nd slide same picture but title is On the Beach Asbury Park NJ

The Old Home at the Turn

What is Home without a Mother (woman feeding pigs with a bottle)

Forest and Stream (colored slide)

Maternal Instinct (4th Chicago Salon)

Congressional Library Wasington D. C.

A Full Bench (puppies)


Attorney Hadlock and Family

Congresssional Library

Cave of the Winds Niagara Falls

Tioga Point slide cracked

Commards (Kittens) slide cracked

Barnyard in Winter

What are the Wild Waves Saying

Evening in the Harbor 2 slides

no title Train Station

Naked Women no title

Innocence Choir boy with cross 2 slides

Ex Champion James J Corbett

Three Wise Guys ( 3 owls)

Lake View slide is crracked no title

no title couple

no title....people walking in gorge

Taughannock Falls Height 185ft....2 slides

Native wearing basket on head

2 Black Boys

Cathedral Falls Watkins Glen

Thousand Islands

Prentice House Sayre, Built 1798

Trinity Church Chorus Athens, Pa 1902

2nd Grade High School

A Winters Harvest Going To Waste

Major Williams

Willow St. School

Page School

High School From Across Way (Old Athens High School)

East Sayre March 1902 flood

Flood March 1902 Bridge St.

Guard Bank Athens (People standing on dike)

High School Building (Old Athens High School)

Niagra Falls

View from Round Top March 190?
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