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edited by Anna Curtenius Roosevelt and James G.E. Smith CR-1979

authors Mark H. Brown and W. R. Felton CR-1955

author-Lar Hothem CR-1995

author-Lar Hothem CR-1992

author J. F. Huckel (2 of 2 copies) CR-1934

author J. F. Huckel (1 of 2 copies) CR-1934

introduction and text by Brian Bibby CR-1996

edited by Sherelyn Ogden CR-2004

author-Dorothy K. Washburn CR-1995

author-Ruth L. Bunzel (2 copies) CR-1929

author-Ruth L. Bunzel CR-1929

author-Jesse D. Jennings CR-1978

The Bradford County Firemen's Association of Sate of Pennsylvanina Convention Labor Day September 4_ 1950 Athens_ Pa scanned

A composition written on 2 pieces of paper ....story about a day hunting....Geo. H. Maurice dated Jan 14th '89 George Maurice given to us by Kathleen Krouse .....Lynn Klinko brought it to musuem told us it was found in carriage house behind Atty.…

author- William A. Ritchie CR-1965

author-Evelyn Stefansson CR-1943

author- Ruth Underhill_ PhD CR-1945

author- Robert J. Flaherty CR-1924

author-William W. Fitzhugh and Susan A. Kaplan CR-1982

author-Dolan H_. Eargle_ Jr. CR-1992

author-Esther K. Braun and David P. Braun CR-1994

author-Celeste Marie Gagnon (thesis for Arizona State U.) CR-1996

author Bobbie Kalman CR-1982_89_92

author George Catlin CR-? written 1832-39

author-George Catlin CR-? written 1832-39

author- William A. Ritchie_ Archaeologist_ Rochester Musuem of Arts and Sciences CR-1944 one of two like volumes

author-William A. Ritchie_ Archaeologist_ Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences CR-1944 One of 2 like volumes

author-Herman J. Viola-foreward by Carson Walks Over Ice CR-2007

David M. Linsley CR-1994

author-Harold McCracken CR-1959

author-Warren K. Moorehead CR-1910_ 1916

author Warren K. Moorehead_ CR-1910.1916

Tomas L. McKenney (late of the Indian Dept. Washington) and James Hall_ Esq. of Cincinnati CR-1898

author Thomas L. McKenney(late of the Indian Dept. Washington) and James Hall_ Esq. of Cincinnati CR-1858

Paper with book reads.....Central House Register Susquehanna Street_ Athens_ Penna 1876-1888 owned by Louise F. Morley

by Thomas l_ McKenney (late of the Indian Dept. Washington) and James Hall_ Esq. of Cincinnati CR-1858 Vol I

author Samuel G. Drake CR-1854


CR 1947


author John W. DeForest CR-1850 Number 3 of 3

Old Religious Book on the Martyrs printed by the Pa.-German Brotherhood at Ephrata_ near Reading_ Pa. 1748 Der Blufige Schonklar (german writing on first page of this book) The Blaufige Schonklar - this is the English Translation per goggle on…

author Pliny Earle Goddard CR-1927

author Pliny Earle Goddard CR-1924

author Clark Wissler CR1934

author Edward Waldron Payne CR-1938

author Alicia Sims Malkus CR-1928

authors Rene Thevenin and Paul Coze CR-1928

author May McNeer CR-1954

author Milton Lott CR-1959
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