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Small pamphlet entitled "Indian Relics of the Lower Susquehanna Valley Preserved For the Public" published by Pennsylvania Water and Power Company and Safe Harbor Water Power Corporation.

First copy of Sayre yearbook (The Sayrenade).

book inscribed "Charles Homet; At the death of Charles' son_ Francis Xavier Homet_ this book came to my father_ Milton Homet_ and I am happy to pass it on the (sic) the Museum. Therese Homet Patterson"

Envelope with handwriting: "This picture together with the enclosed sketch from which its subject was taken was given to Paul Lester Hayden by his grandfather S. Hayden January 1882."

Pamphlets in Craft Collection 1-By Geo. S. Conover_ Geneva_ NY 2-By Hy-we-saus 2-By Rev. David Zeisberger

Pamphlets in Craft Collection 1-Compilation of letters to_ from Rutherford B. Hayes_ September 1864 2-Reynolds Memorial Association_ Phil. September 18_ 1884 3-By Theodore A. Lord_ 1883 4- April 17_ 1885

Pamphlets in Craft Collection 1-Remarks of Ezra P. Allen_ MD before the Historical Society of Bradford County at Towanda_Pa_ Dec. 9_ 1872 on the mammoth and mastodon and the age in which they lived. Handwritten on cover "Not altogether correct in the…

Pamphlets in Craft Collection All four pamphlets by William S. Stryker

Pamphlets in Craft Collection 1-Lackawanna Institute of History and Science. 2-Address before the Wyoming Chapter of the DAR. Also four-page type written article re. Lieutenant Colonel Francis Barber.

Pamphlets in Craft Collection 1- Samuel Carey--Participant in the massacre of Wyoming_ July 3_ 1778 and six years a prisoner with the British and Indians. Compiled by John Miner Careyt Marble. 2-Reports of the proceedings of the Wyoming Commorative…

Pamphlets in Craft Collection 1-A paper read by Emory McClintock_ LL.D._ Before the Washington Association of New Jersey at their meeting February 22_ 1894. 2- By the people of New Jersey in 1789_ by William S. Stryker

Pamphlets in Craft Collection 1-From Luzerne legal register June 17_ 1887. 2 copies 2-Lackawanna Institute of History and Science. Historical notes on Scranton.

1-Roster machine gun co. of 109th infantry_ 28th division. Copy. Four pages. 2-Enlistment record and discharge papers of Arthur DeLaney 3-Envelope with following written on outside "List of men in picture of 13th inf. M. G. Co. _ Sept. 1917. Picture…

Pamphlet printed by Wyoming Historical and Geological Society entitled "One Hundred and Fourteenth Annual Commemorative Service of the Battle and Massacre of Wyoming."

Church History_ Wyalusing By J. Andrew Boyd

Evening Times newspaper article entitled "Athens_ an Area Under Dispute_ Had Several Different Names."

Framed invitation to Mr. Elias Mathewson and Miss Hariot Stephens to attendance at a ball.

Misc. materials relating to solar exlipses including several newspaperr articles and one photograph taken on Round Top_ Athens_ Pa. January 24_ 1925.

Several brochures and booklets about civil defense during cold war. Information about bomb shelters and "Home Protection Exercises." Gift of Warren Nagle_ S. Main St._ Athens

Two newspapers 1-The Bradford Republican 2-1994 Pennsylvania General Election Voter's Guide.

Partial list of the twenty-fourth regiment Connecticut militia.

Handwritten report by McCann.

5 1/2 x 7 1/2 journal re. Monastery Cottage.

author Alvin M. Josephy_Jr. CR1994

From Folder "L" World War

75th Anniversary of Calvary Baptish Church 701 W. Pine St. Athens_ Pa 18810 Pastor Craig Brandick

This notebook contains a handwritten account of a trip to Switzerland. Handwritten note in front "Willed to Mrs. Kate Williams if she should survive me. E. Fritcher." Also contains pictures and pressed flowers from the region.

This notebook is a journal dated from 1887-1890.

This notebook contains a handwritten account of a trip to St. Moritz and Italy.Also contains pictures and pressed flowers from the area.

Small booklet entitled Philippines Souvenir_ 8th Regiment_ U. S. Cavalry_ Fort McKinley_ 1st and 2d Squadrons_ Camp Wallace_ La Union_ 3d Squadron. Donated by Pittsley

By Henry Litchfield West

Church History Adopted by the Presbytery of Bath

Print from a book

autor- Oliver LaFarge CR-1956

Published by the League To Enforce Peace.

A Scenic Album of Pittsburgh_ Pa The World's Largest Work Shop Ten Plastichrome Reproductions Published by Imperial Greeting Card Co._ Pittsburgh_ Pa "Brenda Wilson" written on the back

Black cover. By Charles S. Robinson. Mrs. M. P. Murray's name handwritten inside front cover.

From Folder "N" reads: "Nineteenth Century Newspaper Notices Concerning U.S. Presidents of the USA" Two periodicals with same number

Numbered list of Aboriginal sites near "Teaoga". Murray list and map (copies)

Print of a photograph of a young Abraham Lincoln by M. B. Brady Published at 48 Franklin St. New York_ New York Published by J. C. Buttre Taken from a gold frame

Booklet entitled Centenary of Abraham Lincoln which according to Robert Hayden in a letter to Elsie Murray has three points of interest: Two pictures of Lincoln and a short bio of his life; services held by the G. A. R. ; one of the songs sung at the…

Absolute Money for the sum of One Thousand Dollars One Greenback

From Cabinet A_ drawer 2 "Academy Bonds_ Stocks and Receipts" Letter to Mr. May and Mr. Waterman dated June 15_ 1813

From Cabinet A_ drawer 2 "Academy Bonds_ Stocks_ and Receipts" Letter to Joseph McCoy concerning debt to old Academy dated May 18_ 1820.

Framed copy of an Academy program. Donated by Nellie Bunn.

Papers relating to disposal of Old Academy building_ List of bills paid by Trustees of Athens Academy for construction related projects.

Papers relating to disposal of Old Academy building_ Payment to Williston for 1920.00

Papers relating to disposal of Old Academy building_ Payments to H. Williston

Papers relating to disposal of Old Academy building_ Payments written on back of First National Bank paper
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