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Mongolian pheasant.

Miniature bird spear point [fragment] From the Eskimo culture of Alaska from the mid 20th century and made of walrus ivory and metal. Three-pronged ivory.

Norman Hurst description: Ring with carved fish from the Eskimo culture around the mid 20th century and made of horn or antler. Whale effigy.

Gold ore samples (2). Probably in bag with other rocks.

Norman Hurst description: Knife with curved blade and handle with two perforations and rawhide binding. From the Eskimo culture of the early 20th century and made of antler_ steel and rawhide. previous description: Carving knife. Blubber knife.

Fossils (3). There are 4 pieces.

Rock specimens (100+). Bag of geological specimens including gold ore.

Perkins writing (portable) desk containing: Diary_ wallet_ empty box (?)_ stone point (?)_ buttons_ ribbon_ patch. Object needs to be marked.

Turkish Money_ old information says this was in old Turkish Case???)

Turkish Money_ old information says this was in old Turkish Case???)

Pair of earrings--nuggets.



Two gold dollars made into charms.

Cover detached.

Two spoons.

Gold nugget donated by Camille Butts Locke

Spike from Perry's ship "Niagra."

Wood from Perry's ship "Niagra."

Removed from Revolutionary War case. Cannon ball from Bunker Hill.

Chair circa 1870. Donated by Leo T. Brenner whose family acquired the chair when they purchased the Fish family farm in Sheshequin from Charles Fish in the early 1940's. The farm was the original family residence of Jabez Fish (1741-1814) and his…

Ceramic model of Lehigh Valley Railroad engine and cars. Similar to Ceramic model of Erie Railroad engine and cars on display in the West Room of the Tioga Point Museum.

Small notebook with cardboard cover upon which is printed "DO NOT BE DECEIVED! Buy the Genuine DR. P. HALL'S CATARRH REMEDY Manufactured in Erie_ Penn'a_ and sold for 50c. per bottle. For sale by G.T. ERCANBACK DRUGS ATHENS_ PENN." on one side_ and…

Marked "E.H. Perkins" Donated by Clara Mingos

Blue and white tile from Sullivan's fireplace

Macaffee gift "Hand Wrought Door Latch from Orange Hill School 75-100 years old

Spectacles and case.

Baby bonnet worn by Donald Loop_ b. 1900_ d. 1900. Machine quilted_ ivory silk lining. Silk taffeta exterior Frilled ribbon around edge and crown
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