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Mortgage Bond between Albert and Alda Kinney to Clara L. Park....Bradford County_ Pa July 25th_ 1918

General Outdoor Advertising Co. 113 Clinton Street Binghamton 6_ NY agreement on Janurary 16th 1959 for 3 years for $35.00 annual To Mrs. Helen Bowman Park Litchfield Road 2 on West Side 2 on East sie

Joseph Potter to Joseph Ingham.....filed April 25_ 1850 Bradford County

William Santer and wife Sarah to William Burton July 11_ 1839 Bradford County_ Pa

Draft notice from the Porbost Marshal's Office Fe. 4th_ 1865 for Hiram M. Bowman CM Manville Provost on Feb 20th 1865 to Troy Pa

Deed the heirs of George Platt to George P. Couover received May 7th_ 1860 New Jersey

Mortgage Samuel Asay Elizabeth Woodward April 3_ 1877 Holly_ NJ

Deed Chauncey Wheaton to Emma Johnson and Mary ....dated October 19_ 1900

Deed Horace Johsnon and wif to Henry Vann and C. W. Bowman Hornbrook cemetery lot

notebook with hand written receipes and recipes from newspapers....Letter to Mrs. C. W. Bowman

Brown notebook with births and deaths from the McKinney_ Bidlack_ and Wheaton families from1802-1899 also has a table of wages on the 1st few pages

One Hundred and One Famous Poems copyright is covered by pasted in poem.....many loose poems inside book

Mrs. Browning's Poem no copyright date.... inside cover is a note to Mary Helen Bowman thanking you for what you have done for F. T.P. and me. Hoping you'll not forget our friendship William F. Heckert August 18_ 1823

Daniel Boone_ and the Hunters of Kentucky by W.H. Bogart Illustrated Boston Lee and Shepard 1869

Book of Etiquette Volume 1 copyright 1921 by Lillian Eichler

The Home Guide; or A book by 50 Ladies embracing about 1_000 recipes and hints Pertaining to cokking the household_ the sick room the toilet_ etc Published by S.L. Taylor_ Elgin_ Ill. 1877 has many loose hand written recipes in book

Robinson's Shorter Course Complete Arithmetic copyright 1874 by Daniel W. Fish inside of cover Curtis W. Bowman Ghent Bradford Co. Dec 6th 1880 written in cursive found 2 Vallentine cards in book one to Miss Bowman 2nd one to Miss Bowman From Frances…

Book of Etiquette By Lillian Eichler Volume II Copyright 1921

Fraternity of Financial Co-Operation 5 of them under the names of Emma W. Johnston A. J. Wheaton Mrs. T W. Briasak Mary Wheaton Eliza Wheaton all for $150

Wedding Certificate Wilfred Park and Mary Bowman Ocotber 7th_ 1953

Sayre High School Commencement June 7_ 1893.....scanned 00000027

Wedding invitation for Clara A. Walker to George Bonfacy June 1_ 1892 in Athens_ Pa Clara daughter of Z. F. Walker

Marriage Certificate T.W. Brink and Miss Clarissa Kimey both of Athens_ Pa April 29th 1869

FA&WH Stowell & Co. Rapelyea_ Richards_ & Hills Gobbers and Retailers of Fine Fancy Goods and Millinery JC Seeley Fine carriages_ Platform Spring Wagons_ LaFrance & Wise dealer in Diamonds_ Watches & Fine Jewelry Terneur & Co. Elias Howe Sewing…

Survey of Chancy Wheaton August 28_ 1856 by

survery for Chaucey Weaton in Litchfield by Orson Rickey June 15_ 1854 Heir of Jno Shepards

Marriage license Mary Helen Bowman to Wilfred O. Park October 7th 1953 Town of Litchfield State of Connecticut

newspaper obiturary Wilfred O. Park died June 9. 1971

A 9 page typewritten story "A Little History of East Athens_ Pa from 1875 to1895 written by Charles Brainerd 1940 scanned

Child's toy block 2x2 square Quail_ letter Q and L on block

Childs toy block 2x2 square unicorn picture_ letter H_ and letter U on block

Unlike Wax Sealers_ which were used to apply an embossed lead seal to boxes_ and most often boxcar doors to ensure that the freight within had not been tampered with during its journey. It is not unusual for people around abandoned or old rail lines…

Unlike wax sealers_ which were used to secure and mark letters being sent_ lead sealers were used to apply an embossed lead seal to boxes_ and most often boxcar doors to ensure that the freight within had not been tampered with during its journey. It…

Nevin's practical thoughts prayer book of Emery Hills Inside cover notation "John Emery Hils this book a present from his mother September 15_ 1865"...spine on book off but placed inside cover

Little girls cotton dress ivory lace yoke lace trim on short sleeves dress trimmed with 5 rows ribbon row lace with leaves design and ruffle trim

Youth cotton dress with ruffles trimmed in lace short sleeved metal hook and eye fasteners

Youth dress bone colored with lace trim

Youth dress ivory cut cloth with bird like design and flower design.

woman's black silk jacket covered buttons front closure under buttons with red trim sleeves with crimped cuffs and black lace back middle piece with fringed tails date unknown

Ivory linen dress lace top and trim 3/4 lenght sleeve eye and hook closure plastic stays in collar age unknown

Commission of Noah Murray as Justice in recently formed Luzerine county 1788

De-He-Wa-Mis Mary Jemison Seneca council house Letchworth Park_ NY white capture_ she refused to abandon her adopted people when Sullivan routed them

Map of Indian Arrow bought by Lockhart of Lancaster 1785 Pa. Patent 1786

Matthias Hollenback Pioneer man of affairs along Susquehanna_ his trading post at Tioga Point 1783 supplied gooods to Indians and treaty makers

Charles Carroll of Carrollton Maryland gentleman signer of Declaration of Independence Father-in-law of early purchaser of land in Tioga Point ( Richard Caton)

Rev. Noah Murray Justice @ Tioga Point 1788 one of the 21 subscribers to the Athens Academy Building Fund 1797

3 pictures of Civil War men....George W. Perkins seved in Civil War Perkins.. Genreal Henry Welles Perkins Capt Augustus Perkins killed at Frederickburg _ Fort named after him

Sa-go-ye-wat-ha Red Jacket_ Seneca Chief and orator at Tioga Point for treaty of 1790

Tioga Point in 1826 shows Indian clearing Susquehannah comp. Lots holdings of Charles Carroll and Henry Welles....Tioga Point Farm 1st Streets old cemetery the island Zephon Flower surveryor

Betsy Mattewson Connecticut claimant writ to dispossess her.... Issued in behalf of a Pa. Claimant July 4_ 1808
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