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3 pictures of Civil War men....George W. Perkins seved in Civil War Perkins.. Genreal Henry Welles Perkins Capt Augustus Perkins killed at Frederickburg _ Fort named after him

A 9 page typewritten story "A Little History of East Athens_ Pa from 1875 to1895 written by Charles Brainerd 1940 scanned

Albany journal by Rev. David Craft 1897 Craft Collection Previous Accession#IF 1536.1 Narrative of Wells Wilcox born September 20_ 1804_ Mrs. Charlott Orms born 1802 daughter of Freeman Wilcox_ Ashley Ladd _ records from the burying ground at…

Albany journal by Rev. David Craft 1897 Craft Collection Previous Accession#IF 1536.1 Narrative of Wells Wilcox born September 20_ 1804_ Mrs. Charlott Orms born 1802 daughter of Freeman Wilcox_ Ashley Ladd _ records from the burying ground at…

Armenia Craft Collection 1897 Rev. David Craft Volume 2 Orginal accession # IF 1537.2 Narrative CH Webler_ OD Fields scanned

Advertisement for the Athens Academy 1840

Green glass_ 8 1/2" tall (8 FL. OZ.)

Athens Fair banner. White background with red_ blue and orange design.

Athens Schoo District Board Meeting Minutes start June 2_ 1890

Athens Scribe 2nd numer of 1st news sheet published in Athens a weekly 1841

Azilum map of site of French Refugee colony of 1793 on the Susquehanna

Baltimore Merchant Richard Paton one of the early purchasers of land in "Indian Arrow" 1798

A gift to Bertha Bonney from member of Sheshequin Grange #1363 August 1978 Scrapbook contains history of grange pictures_ poems_ calendar pictures.....

Betsy Mattewson Connecticut claimant writ to dispossess her.... Issued in behalf of a Pa. Claimant July 4_ 1808

Book of Etiquette Volume 1 copyright 1921 by Lillian Eichler

Book of Etiquette By Lillian Eichler Volume II Copyright 1921

Photos Gertrude King? Clair Laurance King (Born October 27_ 1889 Died Ocotber 27 1918 died of influnza and pheumonia Ray Bonney (Bertha's Husband) Bertha Bonney older Bertha Bonney younger Bertha and Ray Bonney Bertha Barnes and Clair King Newspaper…

Bradford County map_ oil cloth. Rural road system

A hand written burial ground receipt from Salsbury Cole to Maryann Bowman for lot in Towanda dated October 7th 1870

Burlington Journal 1897 Rev. David Craft scanned Orginal number IF 1539.4 volume 4

Canton Journal 1897 Rev. David Craft Orginal number IF 1540.5 scanned

Cemetery deed Mrs. Mary Bowman Tioga Point Cemetery August 18_1947

Cemetery Deed C. S. Wheaton and E. C. Johnston November 30th_ 1889 Tioga Point

Charles Carroll of Carrollton Maryland gentleman signer of Declaration of Independence Father-in-law of early purchaser of land in Tioga Point ( Richard Caton)

Paper back Christmas book The Christmas Story Copyrighted 1950 Augsburg Publishing House

Wedding invitation for Clara A. Walker to George Bonfacy June 1_ 1892 in Athens_ Pa Clara daughter of Z. F. Walker

Col. Hartley Military sketch 2 Indian towns burned by Col. Hartley young officer of 32 who in 1778 led 200 men up the Seshequin path to protect the frontier from Iroquois and tory raids the town ofwer deserted Esther had gone

Columbia 1897 Rev. David Craft orginal # IF 1541.6 scanned volume 6

Conrad Weiser_ Early Pennsylvania German Indian Agent and Interpreter 1737-61 visited the Indian Village on the Point

Conrad Weiser's 1st encounter with his Indian friends

Contract from A.W. Ayers and Son Elmira_ NY for head stone for Chauney Wheaton February 8_ 1900 for Tioga Point

The Country Home Magazine map. Published with 1930 Census information. 6 pages of maps and information of PA and USA.. Also shows postal map. Metal bar with hanging eyes on top.

Daniel Boone_ and the Hunters of Kentucky by W.H. Bogart Illustrated Boston Lee and Shepard 1869

De-He-Wa-Mis Mary Jemison Seneca council house Letchworth Park_ NY white capture_ she refused to abandon her adopted people when Sullivan routed them

Deed the heirs of George Platt to George P. Couover received May 7th_ 1860 New Jersey

Type written deed from Miles Harrington to Mrs. Mary Bowman a 2 story frame dwelling house (exclusive of land and foundation walls)_ situated on the East side of the Athens and Sheshequin road in Athens_ Township April 22_ 1893

Statement of Judgement Liens against JD Kyser January 18_ 1879 Bradford county

Deed Chauncey Wheaton to Emma Johnson and Mary ....dated October 19_ 1900

Deed C.S. Wheaton and wife to Clara Park October 27th_ 1894 Bradford county

Deed for George Conover to Samuel H. Asay New Jersy March 25th_ 1875

Deed for George Conover to Samuel H. Asay

Deed Horace Johsnon and wif to Henry Vann and C. W. Bowman Hornbrook cemetery lot

Deed John Keyser to Chaucy Wheaton May 3_ 1879

Deed Mary McKinney and others to Eliza Wheaton quit claim Bradfor County March 19_ 1881

Discharge papers for John B. Wheaton from military service dated August 17th_ 1863

Draft notice from the Porbost Marshal's Office Fe. 4th_ 1865 for Hiram M. Bowman CM Manville Provost on Feb 20th 1865 to Troy Pa

FA&WH Stowell & Co. Rapelyea_ Richards_ & Hills Gobbers and Retailers of Fine Fancy Goods and Millinery JC Seeley Fine carriages_ Platform Spring Wagons_ LaFrance & Wise dealer in Diamonds_ Watches & Fine Jewelry Terneur & Co. Elias Howe Sewing…

Erie Lackawanna time table from August 1_ 1965

Ethan Allen Hero of Fort Ticonderoga 1775 organizer of Green Mountain boys and Fourteeth State (Vermont) memer of Conn. Committee for settling Athens township 1786

Fort Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain captured by Gen. Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain boys in 1775
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