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Currently have no accession records for numbers above 812. Other artifacts attributed to Mr. Shepard from this site can be found in accession book I_ page 150. [It is not clear how much of Mr. Shepard's collection came from atop Spanish Hill and how…

Rev. David Craft handwritten journal of Rome Township....1897 Scanned marked as volume 18 old number IF 1553.18

Saddle bags used by Dr. Adonjah Warner_ the first physician in Bradford County 1790-1800

Johnson Genelogy ....Valley Cemeteries and occupants Hunsinger_ Millard_ Miller Etc.

clothes hanger from The Belmar Mfg. Co Canton_ Pa wooden hanger with metal holders on each side....directions printed on middle of hanger

Civil Defense Helmet - White. Box contains items owned by O.C. Spencer during WWI and Korean War. Also contains items from Civil Defense.

Holy Bible 9 x 11 published by Phinney and Co. personal info in bible poor condition covers are broken from main part of book

Photos Gertrude King? Clair Laurance King (Born October 27_ 1889 Died Ocotber 27 1918 died of influnza and pheumonia Ray Bonney (Bertha's Husband) Bertha Bonney older Bertha Bonney younger Bertha and Ray Bonney Bertha Barnes and Clair King Newspaper…

A gift to Bertha Bonney from member of Sheshequin Grange #1363 August 1978 Scrapbook contains history of grange pictures_ poems_ calendar pictures.....

portrait of Anna Gore Shepard photo size is 101/2 x 13 in a frame 20 x 21.....frame is wooden with pine wood design around outer area and chain design around the sketch

Columbia 1897 Rev. David Craft orginal # IF 1541.6 scanned volume 6

Canton Journal 1897 Rev. David Craft Orginal number IF 1540.5 scanned

Burlington Journal 1897 Rev. David Craft scanned Orginal number IF 1539.4 volume 4

box of unused greeting cards

Gospel Hymns consolidated (just verses no music)

The Way of Holiness with Notes by the Way By Phoebe Palmer 1845

Leather wallet with metal frame and accordian type dividers inside with 2 receipts and a metal tin plate with G.C. Gore

clutch wallet purse made with needlepoint inside is a slip of paper that states it belonged to Judge Obadiah Gore's wife 7" x 5 1/2" folded clutch

Ornate leather box with key tape with Mrs. Celia M. Olds Gore on inside of cover....11 1/2 x8x41/2" top and side of box decorated with flowers and leaves....grapes and leaves as well as on side of box ...with braided leather hands (both are broken)…

Rev. David Craft Asylum Township Journal Craft Collection 1897 Orginal accession #IF1538.3 scanned Asylum volume 3

Armenia Craft Collection 1897 Rev. David Craft Volume 2 Orginal accession # IF 1537.2 Narrative CH Webler_ OD Fields scanned

Albany journal by Rev. David Craft 1897 Craft Collection Previous Accession#IF 1536.1 Narrative of Wells Wilcox born September 20_ 1804_ Mrs. Charlott Orms born 1802 daughter of Freeman Wilcox_ Ashley Ladd _ records from the burying ground at…

Athens Schoo District Board Meeting Minutes start June 2_ 1890

Ledger book without cover name at top of 1st page is W.C. Harris

Ledger book of G. W. Plummer 1857

National Geographic Series McNally's System of Geography by Frances McNally 1875

Black scrapbook by Anna Catlin 113 Center St. Athens_ Pa written history of the Jonas Smith family 1735... newspaper wedding events scanned

Penn State Commencement booklet from 1928 5 1/2 x 4 1/2 black booklet have been scanned

Voices in the Wilderness The Emergence of the Presbyterian Church in America 1607 - 1706 signed by the Author Randall Lee Saxon copyright 1985

Deed John Keyser to Chaucy Wheaton May 3_ 1879

Black lock box from Helen Park's collection box has deeds fro NJ_ newpaper clippings_ memorabilia_ receipts_ etc.

An envelope with 2 marriage certificates for Mary Ann Smith.... one for Hiran Bowman to Mary Ann Smith December 29th_ 1858 the 2nd one for Mrs. Mary Bowman to Henry Van September 7_ 1871

Statement of Judgements Horace McKinney July 1_ 1879 Bradford County

Contract from A.W. Ayers and Son Elmira_ NY for head stone for Chauney Wheaton February 8_ 1900 for Tioga Point

Cemetery Deed C. S. Wheaton and E. C. Johnston November 30th_ 1889 Tioga Point

Deed for George Conover to Samuel H. Asay

Deed for George Conover to Samuel H. Asay New Jersy March 25th_ 1875

Deed C.S. Wheaton and wife to Clara Park October 27th_ 1894 Bradford county

Statement of Judgement Liens against JD Kyser January 18_ 1879 Bradford county

Statement of Judgement Liens against JD Kyser January 18_ 1879 Bradford County

Deed Mary McKinney and others to Eliza Wheaton quit claim Bradfor County March 19_ 1881

Discharge papers for John B. Wheaton from military service dated August 17th_ 1863

Cemetery deed Mrs. Mary Bowman Tioga Point Cemetery August 18_1947

A receipt paid by C Bowman to Rogers and Miller Dealers in Fine and Medium Furniture for casket and embalment and burial suit ....on Feb 10th 1909

Type written deed from Miles Harrington to Mrs. Mary Bowman a 2 story frame dwelling house (exclusive of land and foundation walls)_ situated on the East side of the Athens and Sheshequin road in Athens_ Township April 22_ 1893

A hand written burial ground receipt from Salsbury Cole to Maryann Bowman for lot in Towanda dated October 7th 1870

Letter from Hornbrook Cemetery Association that they received $35.000 for the car and up keepk of the Smith Van lot dated June 26_ 1942

Invoice from Woodlawn Cemetery Titusville_ Pa. for a lot for John B. Wheaton May 25th 1877

Invoice from Susquehanna Street Livery_ Dr._ Hack and Livery Stables Proprietor A. B. Middaugh January 30 1090 for 4 carriages for Mr. Wheaton
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