"Dorothy" #300

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"Dorothy" #300


Lithograph of LVR engine "Dorothy" #300. By Biederman. LEHIGH VALLEY #300 4-2-4T "Dorothy" Class A-1 Built - L.V. Wilkes-Barre Shops 5/1884 Cylinders - 11x20 Boiler Pressure - 140 psi. Drivers - 56 in. Wt. on Drivers - 32,761 Engine Wt. - 77, 955 Tractive Force - 5,189 Original Lettering - Penn. & N.Y.R..R. & Canal Co. "Built at Wilkes-Barre, Pa., May 18,1884 by Alexander Mitchell, Master Mechanic, as #300 or Dorothy and lettered Pa. & N.Y. It was rebuilt and relettered to L.V. at an unknown date. Original picture taken on turntable at Wilkes-Barre in 1884. In 1893 during a strike #300 was wrecked at South Easton, Pa. between two other engines. It was rebuilt at the South Easton shop the same year. On January 1, 1905 it was renumbered #1. About 1906 a new boiler was installed at Sayre Pa. About 1925 it had a new sheet put in the bottom of the boiler at the South Easton Shop, it was then fitted with train control and stationed at Sayre and used to test train control over the railroad. In 1936 it was sold to John B. Vaughn of Forty Fort, Pa. and run on his estate there. After the death of Mr. Vaughn #300 was given to Frank S. Mitten, then Superintendent of the Wyoming Division who had it taken to his summer home at Bear Creek, Pa. Shortly after this time the Lehigh Valley tore up the tracks to Bear Creek. After the death of Mr. Mitten #300 sat in the woods on a short piece of track near his home. *#300 has either been scrapped or is still in Bear Creek - No on seems to be certain. *Mr. Clinton T. Andrews The engine was named Dorothy after the daughter of one of the presidents of the railroad.






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